Innovative, round-the-clock online game administration and operation, for a fraction of the price. With the long and varied experience of our team in handling online game operations, our clients are ensured that their product will be handled by a pool of responsible and dedicated professionals.

Strengthen the relationship between the community and the publisher through committed customer service.

Immediate Ticket Response

Our customer support team assures that each ticket is responded to within the set period of time determined by the publisher.

Ticket Management

Through case management, the team categorizes each ticket and aims to resolve inquiries and reports on first contact while following proper process and escalation procedures as needed.

Reporting and Trend Analysis

To further identify the needs of your customers, the team provides periodic reports to determine common issues and inquiries from the community. By processing this information, the client will be able to discern areas for improvement needed to resolve player concerns.

Our team interacts with the community according to the guidelines and directives set by the publisher.

Social Networking Sites

A foundation of a strong game is its community. Increase retention rates by creating a constant presence for the publisher through social networking sites so the users will feel that the publisher hears them out. AGS will provide reports, as constant as needed, to notify the publisher about the requests and general outlook of the community.

App Store Ratings

A game's App Store rating greatly affects new user acquisition. Turn 1 star ratings into 5 stars by responding to each review and addressing the concern of the user.

Conceptualize, design, and carry out a detailed event plan that will increase engagement and user retention.

In-Game Events

Increase KPIs through careful planning and execution of in-game events. Our team is passionate about games and can come up with new and exciting events for your product.

SNS Events

A game's App Store rating greatly affects new user acquisition. Turn 1 star ratings into 5 stars by responding to each review and addressing the concern of the user.

Monitor your KPIs closely as our team can provide daily, weekly, or monthly reports. Be up-to-date with current trends through market research.

KPI Reports and Analysis

Analyze KPI data and player behavior to measure effectiveness and ensure success of events and campaigns.

Market Research

Our research team can provide information for your target market so that the company will further understand the competitive gaming landscape.

Our team offers a full cycle solution for game localization, including initial strategy, translation, localization, development and functional testing.

Always be a step ahead in a fast-paced industry dealing in cutting-edge technology, game developers and programmers must be prepared for the eventual translation and distribution of their video games for a global market.

Our team goes beyond translation, ensuring that each translation is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate, while staying true to the source material.


Platforms Localization does not only involve translation of text, but also inclusions of technologies that are relevant to the target audience.

Our development team can help you integrate payment gateways, monetization platforms, loyalty programs, tracking and analytics, and other additional features necessary for the success of the game.

  • Payment Gateway

  • Monetization Partners

  • Loyalty Program

  • Tracking and Analytics

  • Other Features

Our team offers comprehensive mobile, game and web application testing services catered to your needs. We make sure our testing process adheres to the Japanese industry standard, delivering the highest quality service to our clients.

  • Test Case Creation

  • Functionality and Game Balance Tests

  • Bug Processing

  • Technical Documentation

We publish in-house and outsourced games with collaborative partners, overseeing planning, comprehensive market research, advertising, and distribution worldwide.

  • Game Publishing

  • +
  • Marketing

Creative and relevant marketing campaign for your target market to increase user acquisition.

  • User Acquisition Campaign

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Creative Material Design

  • Monetization

Our server engineers will assist you in setting up your game server infrastructure using the latest cloud-based technologies to reduce costs and maximize reliability.

Once up and running, we have highly-skilled professionals to monitor your servers 24/7, reporting and handling any issues that may affect your game's uptime. We are also glad to handle your regularly-scheduled and emergency maintenance runs to update in-game contents and events when needed.

24/7 Services:

  • Server Monitoring

  • Website Monitoring

  • Network Monitoring

  • Application Monitoring

  • Network Protocol Monitoring

  • Alerts and Notifications

  • Reporting and Management