Aiming Global Service offers services that are tailored to our clients’ requirements. AGS adapts to the developments on the market, and we cooperate with renowned experts in developing comprehensive solutions for a wide range of challenges. AGS also provides a high level of reliability and accountability for the services we provide to our clients.


f you are a Japanese game developer or publisher looking to release your game globally, particularly in English-speaking countries — AGS can help! We can provide you with market reseach and analysis, launch planning and implementation, infrastructure creation and server maintenance, as well as marketing and community management.

We can also provide you with similar support for China, or Taiwan via our Aiming Tokyo offices.


If you are a non-Japanese game developer and publisher seeking a way to break into the highly lucrative Japanese gaming market — AGSI and Aiming Tokyo will work together to provide you with the necessary development, infrastructure, and marketing tools to make it big in Japan.

Our long and varied experience of developing and publishing best-selling games in Japan will give you an important boost in making your game stand out to Japanese gamers.